Grandparents Skywalk Adventure – Mt Tamborine

The end of School Holidays are near, so off we go to Par and Pecore’s home for a few days and what did they have in store for us, but a trip up to the Skywalk on Mt Tamborine. Don’t miss the video at the end of this post to experience the sights and sounds.skywalk Mt Tambourine

The brochure my Mum showed me of the Skywalk had alluring words like natural wonderland, beautiful rainforest canapy walk, different, thrilling, magnificent and while doing the walk, I totally agreed.

We got there early so we tried out their coffee and drink selection on the balcony of their Cafe as we adjusted to the bush feel and sounds. cafe Skywalk Mt Tambourine

I’m not sure if it was because we were told to take the walk slowly or that it was a warm morning  or that we were in “grandparent style”? But something about this place totally chilled us out.

We set off but got caught up in their “eco centre”, what a delight for the eyes  with some easy and interesting local knowledge about the flora and fauna.

Skywalk eco centre Butterfly eco centre Tarquin spider

I think the sheer height of the skywalk altered us into a relaxed state as we were amazed at the feeling of being so high up within the tree tops, just like the birds and the many loud cicadas.

Skywalk Mt Tambourine

Looking down at these huge tree trunks all so tall and alive, so strong to hold themselves up as they defy gravity, levity was all around us. How come gravity gets all the air play?

Skywalk tall trees

vine around tree skywalk walk

Vine growing around tree

As I write this I’m feeling the wave of relaxation that I felt out there up in those beautiful trees, what a magic place. ‘Mother Nature’, always a state changer, a life giver, I believe that’s why our little family retreat into the bush on a regular basis.

us on skywalk

I think that it’s real important for us humans to spend some time in the bush, unplugged. That night Mum showed me an artical in the Sunday paper that said “US researchers found humans who spend time out in the bush “unplugged” are more creative when they come back to their lives and jobs”. 
See I felt and knew that intuitively, we all do, if we give ourselves some time in the bush. It’s so reviving!

cuddly Tagore

mum and dad boys

Down at the CreekTarquin at the creekTarquin Creek Dreaming

The Counter Lever lookout

The counter lever lookout, what an amazing structure which my Dad happily explained the engineering behind it to the boys! The feeling of hanging out there at the end was spectacular with views galore.

Looking down we are so high up

Looking down, we are so high up!

On the home path

On the home path

A Heros Story       As we neared the finish we came across a little boy who had put his hand on a climbing palm tree. All the way up this palm are tiny spikes that will stick into you and sting like crazy, so this little fella was in pain. My Mum and Tagore offered some help with cold water to apply to his hand which helped a bit and then Mum had an epiphany , “Tagore your pocket knife, it has tweezers, they will pull the spikes out”!  Mum had just given Tagore and Tarquin a pocket knife each that morning, of course not before a very thorough discussion of how and when to use one!  The mother couldn’t believe her eyes and was so happy.  She gently pulled out each little spike and soon the little guy had stopped crying and was ready to complete his walk. What a happy ending, and another little feel good moment.

I can run run run

I can run run run

If you have a little one the stroller was ok on the Skywalk but once we got onto the bush track there were a few set of stairs, but we managed to carry bub up and over them. I wish I had put his back pack in, they are so handy when you’re out bush walking.

Find out more about Mt Tambourine Skywalk

See what I mean about the height and sounds?

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