Our first Wild Family Adventures post!!!!!!!

So here it is, our first Wild Family Adventures post and we are extraordinarily excited to share with you our journey as a family and what it is that we really love to do together. Our adventures are mostly not complicated antarctic missions, though you never know, rather generally small adventures that allow us to get away from our everyday and have an amazing experience together. It takes a little preparation but it’s always worthwhile.

And so our very first, this is a simple one, one that we organised on the spur of the moment. So off with the TV kids, we’re away, and on a busy weekend this one only took half a day!

So we gathered our things and jumped in the car for what would be a 40 minute trip.

springbrook national park

We were meeting some good friends out at Numinbah Valley for a picnic, swim and general exploration of the park when we saw this sign. As we were early we did a quick u-turn and ducked in to see what was there….

springbrook park

Oh my, what a treasure, just the shadiest, tallest gum trees, picnic area with tables, toilets and bush barbecue’s, but as we walked down the path the boys and Brad let out a “woowho” and ran off further down the path! This is what the excitement was about!

Ahhh cool fresh water, shallow and deep pools with lots of rock jumping fun and a rope swing for the game. It was magical and we felt like it was the only place to be on a hot sunny day.

This is our Tarquin walking on water……hehehehe

path beside springbrook rockpool

We walked along the side of the creek and found more rock pools and rocks to explore.

creek rocks at springbrook rockpools

And here’s why Tagore thinks that it’s the perfect place to check out.

What a great day. From here we went further up the road to meet our friends at Bochow Park which has plenty of room for the kids to run plus a great playground and swimming hole with a small jump. All the kids, including Brad loved it. It was obviously cold but they seemed to come alive with the thrill of the adventure. We ended the day just after lunch and headed for the beach to catch up with family and play a little football in the park, brilliant!

So here’s a map and a link to help you explore some places you may miss while on the Gold Coast. Springbrook National Park has much to offer with many people not realising that the Gold Coast is more than just beaches and Surfers Paradise.

On the map you will see Forest Park picnic area and Bochow Park. We went over Springbrook with the windows down to enjoy the sounds of nature (we heard several whip birds) but Nerang can also be a quick option to getting there. Stay safe and enjoy.



  1. Glenn Barry
    Nov 6, 2012

    Hey my ol’ family, looks and sounds and feels great. Putting the co in community. Xx. Glenn

    • Brad Fennell
      Nov 7, 2012

      Hey Mr GB, great to hear from you. We’re loving the adventure, hope you’re doing well.

  2. Susan
    Nov 7, 2012

    Oh just great you guys and gals!
    I’m ready for a Wild Family
    What fabulous pictures, a great spot and Tagore inspiring video!

    • Brad Fennell
      Nov 8, 2012

      And thank you to you Susan for all your help and support in getting us to this point, you are magic!

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