Noosa National Park – Rocks!!!!

I spent a lot of  time in Noosa as a child in the mid-seventies and then again through my late teens, and the Noosa National Park always called me back time after time and here is why I wanted my family to experience its beauty…..

We had a blast, with a full morning of walking, climbing, snorkelling, swimming and rock pool exploring. With the ever changing landscape of the sea, rocky headlands and lush beaches that Queensland do so well our senses were being invaded. The scenery was vibrant with a variety of blues and greens, things to touch and feel like paper bark trees, rocks and sea shells alive with little beings.  Our ears were alert with the new  sounds of our environment. So as we stepped onto the very friendly stroller or wheelchair path we knew our Noosa National Park adventure would Rock!!!

Here is a short video to show you our latest adventure.

The adventure began with questions like ” Where are we”?, “Which way do we go”?, “Is that where we will be snorkelling”? Endless banter that only stopped as we reached the beginning of the path.

Noosa National Park

The walk starts out hand in hand…

Tabitha and Tagore in Noosa National Park

Tagore and Tarquin, just hanging around two minutes into the walk.

Tagore and Tarquin just hanging around

The view from the first lookout called Boiling Pot, just stunning.

Noosa National Park view


The view

Some great big easy boulders to climb.


There are loads of rock pools to explore with lots of small fish, crabs and sea creatures in shells all so beautiful in colour and shape. Plus they were cool and delicious for our hot bodies.

Rock pools


Bouldering “woo who!” said the boys, such an added bonus! You get to this by going about fifty meters past the first lookout turning left down a little bush track. (Which you can see in our video) Pretend your a Billy goat and it becomes an easy decent (no stroller access down this little track).

Tagore climbing

The boys are only a foot off the ground and at no time are they left to their own devices. In climbing terms Brad or I are their “spotters” who stands close watching every move ready to catch them or guild a foot or hand back onto the rock. Our boys have been climbing since they could walk so for some the rock face may just be a great place to feel and look at the amazing colours and shapes that erosion has made over the millions of years.

Tarquin climbing

At the first beach called “Tea Tree Bay” we did more snorkelling in only two to three foot of water. The coral which was more like loads of rocks was still home to stripy black and yellow fish some dart  and plenty of crabs. It was just so exciting being under the sea in a safe and calm bay great for beginners like us. There are no life guards at these beaches and at times they can be quite wild and rough so take care. The main Noosa beach has life guards and flags .

Our three boys caught day dreaming, a very easy thing to do when you have been out in the sun, surf and rocks!!  So we turned around and headed for the cafe we spied at the beginning of our adventure. There was still many beaches and beautiful treasures to see within this Park but we will have to come back another day soon.

Beach side

Entertainment is everywhere hey Rabin?

Rabin Exploring

What a handsome crew…..

Noosa National Park

Nearly there still smiling and chatting which is always a good sign that this adventure was a success ;).

Noosa National Park Path

This coffee is extraordinary!!

This little jewel was right above our heads, lucky a ranger came past with a group of tourists pointing to the tree tops alerting us to his/her presence. What a wild creature our Kolas are, sleeping sound as we all ohhhhddd and ahhhddd from the ground. Our smiles were even bigger at the end of this adventure “thanks mother nature”!!!

Noosa National Park Koala

Here’s a web site for the  Noosa National Park  It gives you loads of excellent information about the Park, it’s walks and what there is to do and see there. So check it out, we did.

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  1. Susan Hatch
    Jan 8, 2013

    Wow! Tab Brad and Boys, YOU ROCK!!!
    What a great adventure.
    What a beautiful place,
    Thanks for the recommendations,
    xxx Susan

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