Mid-Week riding to school adventure

Did you know that a survey came out revealing that kids who rode or walked to school had a better concentration span than kids who came to school by transport. Surprisingly it was even more important than that having breakfast (though we think that breakfast still remains essential). Fascinating, read the full article here.

So we ride to school when we can and there are several ways we can go, some extreme and others not so extreme. But all ways are fun and that’s the key, fun!

And here’s one route that we like, a little more cross country, a lot more fun and always an adventure! What better way to get to school!

Song: Escapee by Architecture in Helsink

And as the adults we get to turn around and sprint for home, for us school is only the half way point. And we get to exercise without ever trying, because it is fun.

Tabitha on bike

Tabitha ready to go

The best way between two points is rarely a straight line. Just because it’s a weekday doesn’t mean that you can’t have an adventure. Happy adventuring, enjoy!




  1. Sharon Fennell
    Dec 6, 2012

    I looooove ‘The school ride’! So good to see and journey with you to school! Love the music track too!!! who was that? Keep them coming team….loving it!!

  2. Brad Fennell
    Dec 7, 2012

    Hey, thanks Sharon, it’s “Architecture In Helsinki” and the song is “Escapee”. Seemed to fit perfectly. More coming soon!

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