Make it an adventure!

One question we like to ask is, “how can we make this an adventure”? Because sometimes you can transfer the mundane into an exciting tale.

So we were going down for a belated Sunday lunch for my mum. The local spot we had chosen was 3 km down the beach. With the five of us plus mum we couldn’t all fit into one car and taking two seemed like a waste, so this is what we did:

I threw on my favourite runners and headed south knowing that if I took off immediately that I’d be the first one there giving me time to stretch and cool down. On my way I met a cyclist and we chatted for a few minutes enjoying the sunny day and a few minutes of company.

We did lunch and all was great, and then it was time to head back. So we changed the scenario. This time I would drive back with the baby as the other four rode scooters and walked.

Tabitha and Jan Scootering

And as you can see the fun continued because scooters are not purely for the young but also the young at heart!

Yep, the best way to two points isn’t always a straight line, adventure can be woven in wherever it is you’re going. It has become something that we try to make a habit of as we discover a different way to make the day an adventure. And best of all you end up exercising without even trying.

And it so often is rewarded with a final cool down.

around the pool

Next time you’re out and you need to liven things up a bit, I highly recommend encouraging your family to make it an adventure.



  1. Craig Morley
    Nov 13, 2012

    Great photo of Jan and Tab

  2. Susan Hatch
    Nov 13, 2012

    What a fabulous Motto Brad!!!
    I’m adopting it now.
    Going myself for a couple of dives this weekend in Forster!!
    Great pics,
    Cheers Susan

    • Brad Fennell
      Nov 20, 2012

      Thanks Susan.Looking forward to seeing those shots from Forster, what a place!

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