Wild Family Adventures

Wild Family Adventures is about living differently, on your own terms, as we live and play together as a family. This is our family and we hope that by sharing our experiences and interests with you that we will inspire you to live that life that you and your family have dreamt about.

Our adventures are mostly not complicated antarctic missions, though you never know, rather generally small adventures that allow us to get away from our everyday and have an amazing experience together.

Living on the Australian Gold Coast we have access to many wonderful experiences with nature at our front and back door, but we feel wherever you live you can find adventures that excite and interest you and bring more life to your family.

We have found that it takes a little effort, but it’s always well worth it as we come and play together as a family and live the adventure that we all remember.

Tabitha: Mum

Tabitha Fennell

I’m a nature girl/woman by heart, absolutely love it and can’t live without being in Mother Nature for too long.

I grew up on 13 acres of macadamia nut trees with 2 acres of lush rainforest in Montville, the hinterland of Queensland, Australia’s Sunshine Coast. What a fabulous childhood with a backyard that always held an adventure. My Mum would come into the living room on a Saturday morning, we would be watching comics or Rage (music videos) and she would switch the TV off and say, ”You have thirteen acres of land out there, get to it I grew up on 13 acres of macadamia nut trees with 2 acres of lush rainforest in Montville, the hinterland of Queensland, Australia’s Sunshine Coast. What a fabulous childhood with a

and only come back if you’re bleeding”, she said this with a smile. I have an older sister and two older brothers but most of the time it was me and my two dogs exploring the bush. No hat, no water bottle, no mobile, sometimes shoes, no packed lunch, no adult hovering near, in fact my mum had only a vague idea of where I was, and I’m sure my dad had none. But this is what I loved, I felt free, wild and totally me; that was the early seventies for you.

Our family holidays were spent camping around the region with a favorite destination of mine being Frazer Island. I have the best memories of hiking for hours and swimming in crystal clear lakes and the sea. The wild life was breath taking; in this environment I was alive and happy enjoying my family.

I wanted and dreamt of this life for my boys, for my family, so I feel luck and blessed to have fallen in love with nature boy/man himself, Brad. We have eight acres of bush and a home that is like a tree house, we love it. We have wild back yard adventures and the boys have seen a lot of nature here on the Gold Coast from a very early age.  We don’t do TV in the usual way, in fact we rarely watch it. But there’s also nothing like coming home from an adventure and relaxing back to a story that leaves you inspired and uplifted.

So I’m passionate about my life as a mum who has big and small adventures with her family. I’m passionate about being a family that connects together in the outdoors. The conversations inspired by the boys that unravel as we walk along a bush track are truly riveting and bring laughter to our lips!!

I want to inspire families around the world to the fact that there are simple places in their own town to bring their family back together in a healthy way to have fun and relax.

Brad: Dad     Brad Fennell

My fondest memories are those of adventure. From my earliest days I was called to be wild: to run, climb, swim and explore. And I noticed that when my life was full of adventure that the excitement and enthusiasm would seep into all areas of my being.

I think there’s a part of all of us that craves nature and adventure; it seems to satisfy a deep yearning that we have to enhance the experience of being alive. And this is what I wanted for my family, for my kids, and it became our focus: how to make it an adventure, whether we were going on a trip or going to school, how to make it something memorable.

I hope that this blog helps you and your family to find that part in you that is called to be wild and free.

Tagore (12):Tagore

Hi, I’m Tagore and I like going on Wild Family adventures like bush walks, runs, climbs, rides and swims, because it’s fun and makes me happy. I especially love having adventures as a family.



Tarquin (10):


Hi I’m Tarquin and I’m 8. I love going on Wild Family Adventures because they are exciting and fun, and you get to see lots of animals.

I like the bush and nature better than the city because it is quieter and you can always hear the birdies. I hope you enjoy my families adventures.



Rabin (3):


I’m Rabin and I love coming along for the ride, I never know quite where I’ll end up with brothers like mine. I can say Mum, Dad, birdie and bye.






From all of us, Tabitha, Brad, Tagore, Tarquin and Rabin,  Happy Adventures.